Welcome to the inaugural Long Island Summer Shootout, featuring the top women's lacrosse teams and players in the area.


Several of the areas top college lacrosse coaches will be in attendance for the inaugural Long Island Summer Shootout.

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Varsity Media will be on hand throughout the entire event to offer HD game videos and highlight video services.

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The Long Island Summer Shootout will be held at one of the areas top lacrosse facilities, featuring several outdoor fields.

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VM_LOGOCreated in 2010 by Ben Turchin, Varsity Media is located in upstate (Rochester) and downstate (Long Island) New York.

In addition to New York, Varsity Media services sports teams in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

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All our equipment is state of the art, 1080p High Definition. We offer both videotape and editing services for all sports teams at all levels.